Rock Island State Park

I've been to Rock Island State Park several times. I have no idea what I never actually planned a trip there, but each previous trip there was a pit stop to or from Knoxville. I've gone to the same bit of the park, which is fun and is a nice break from a 3 hour drive. However, the iconic waterfalls there are at the end of an access road. Ok, so I finally planned the trip except for getting up early enough that it wasn't crazy hot. The sun was blazing, but I had ND filters and a circular polarizer. I shot these with my Canon 70D, a Sigma 10-20mm, and Tiffen Circlular Polarizer and Neutral Density filters. 

Rock Island Map.PNG

Return to Bucks Pocket

I try to visit this state park at least once a year. When the clouds are nice and the light is good the overlook is always a good view even if it isn't always photographic. Add to that a pretty easy hike down to a good waterfall with decent flow and not many people it is a no brainer. If I'm feeling pretty good or not short on time it is a reasonable climb to another cascade just up stream too. I didn't make it there as I'm still not adjusted to the time change, but that also meant I had a shot at a sunset on the way home. 

bucks pocket state park 1.jpg
bucks pocket state park 2.jpg
bucks pocket state park 3.jpg

Mind the Gap

Really, I mean well. I just can't seem to get a posting routine down. I've been in a bit a of a creative rut of late as well. I do have an idea brewing for a themed show of my photographs. There are a couple of venues I could submit to for a show and feel like that is something I should strive for next year. It's also time to start culling my submissions for juried shows coming up in Knoxville. I have done well in Knoxville and am hoping to continue that trend.

In the mean time, here are the best results from a creative spurt this weekend. 

where the bridge ends.jpg
underneath it all.jpg

Oh yeah, and what would a photo outing be without a nice fat orbweaver doing her thing?


Iceland - Pool of Blue

One of my favorite hikes and waterfalls of my trip to Iceland in October of 2016. The series of falls is Gjáin just a short hike from Stöng, ruins of a Viking era longhouse. It was a rough drive over some pretty rocky roads, but very worth it. Sadly we got there late enough in the day that the head lamps left in the 4x4 were missed and we had to bail before full sunset. This is one of those places I could have spent a whole day exploring and setting up shots.