Lines, Shadows, and Texture

I'm drawn to structures. Large and small. Natural and artificial. New and old. 

I feel like I want to start a series of posts on this topic. My first post used an image I created sitting on a park bench while waiting for jury duty to get started for the day. The wood had aged and oxidized nicely. The grain was really popping out.  

I'm thinking the posts will all be black and white. I'm not going to limit the camera I use. Whatever I have with me at the time is the way to go. 

This shot is a detail / zoom in on one of the tests stands I can see from my office on Redstone Arsenal /  Marshall Space Flight Center. The Saturn V Dynamic Test Stand was used in 1966-67 for ground vibration testing of the Saturn V launch vehicle and the Apollo spacecraft. Completion of this program was the final step prior to the launch of Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing mission. In 1972-73 the stand was used for tests involving the Skylab Space Station; and in 1978-79 for ground vibration testing of the complete Space Shuttle vehicle.