Having caught the Photography bug, I have decided to embrace my illness and make it my own.
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Flowering Fungus

The last 10 days or so have been been from extremely wet to the occasional shower here in Alabama. This pattern usually means the mushrooms are on the way. Today was that day. I found at least 6 different varieties fruiting in the yard when I came home from work.



Katherine had mentioned this morning that the red tops were fruiting in the back yard so I was excited to get home as mid July usually sees a nice crop. Sadly either our pup or the squirrels tore into them and only one or two were still standing. I prefer catching them when they just burst forth, but if the timing is right can catch them med stage for a nice look too.




There are some mushrooms that are not really remarkable in and of themselves but circumstance turns it around and you get something cool from a boring plain white fungus.


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