Prints and a Much Needed Gallery Update.

It is time to update that gallery area of the website and bring a little focus back. I’m also looking into options for printing some larger format pieces and plan to sell some limited editions of those. More to come on that as the details are worked out. For now I have some prints listed at Rocket Paper Scissors. Go take a look, there are some works there from several local and regional artists.

I’m really torn on the large format pieces. I have one photo in particular I would love to print large however I really love the way it looks on a quality matte paper. Put that behind glass or acrylic and the texture is ruined. This leaves me with experimenting with mounting and framing it myself or contracting that out. I think I’ve been stuck here at this decision for nearly a year. It festers in the background until it’s time to pick shots for a show entry or I wander through a gallery. 

A less pressing problem to solve - do I invest in a larger format printer with more versatility or do I start printing through a service.  I really like the control of doing my own prints but that gets expensive. 

Well, right now I’m going to enjoy some time here in Vegas with Keri and figure out next steps later.