Vegas and Not Vegas

Keri and I found a window when we could both get away and we decided to hit Las Vegas. We’ve both been and it had been a long time since either of us had gone. We like food and she REALLY likes to try new things (I do too, but it is really her passion). Vegas seemed like this place to go.

I pretty much packed my full photography kit and ended up only getting it out once. Our room was not conducive to shooting a time lapse with the GoPro so it stayed in the bag. We spent most of our time walking around the strip and I did not really want to drag my DSLR all over so in the bad it stayed too. My primary reason for taking the big backpack was a possible run out to the Grand Canyon.

We picked on day to rent a car and drive out. Let’s just say that was poor planning on my part. A lack of research lead to not getting any shots of the canyon. I picked driving to the Skywalk, a mistake for a photographer. You can only get to eagle point and the skywalk via a tour. The cheapest of which is $70 a head. Notes on the pamphlet also tell you no bags or cameras. We had a nice drive out there and back at least. I did catch this out of the corner of my eye and pulled over to try to get something.


Our backup plan was Hoover Dam and that turned out to be a nice stop. For whatever reason it wasn’t busy and you can once again take a short tour down to the turbine room. the hallway from the elevator yielded a nice shot too.